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Connect Facebook and Instagram

Connect Facebook(posts, comments and messages) and Instagram (comments and DMs) so that you can manage all the social conversations within Richpanel. You can read, manage and respond to all private messages you receive directly from your team inbox. 

Get Started with Facebook integration


  1. You will need to be the admin of Facebook and Instagram pages you are trying to connect.
  2. You must have your Facebook Page connected to your Instagram Business Account.



  • Click on Integrations < Browse All Integrations and select Facebook/Instagram.
  • Click connect a page.

  • Login to Facebook with Admin access.

  • Select the Business account associated with your Instagram.


  • Select the pages you wish to add.

  • Make sure to authorize Richpanel to read and write Facebook pages and Instagram pages you wish to connect.


You are done!

Once completed you will see a page like this:

Check the types of posts and messages you wish to receive on Richpanel.

We support and sync Instagram AD comments every 20 mins.

We do not support comments from IGTV, or Instagram Reels. Stickers and GIFs when sent as replies to Instagram stories are not supported yet.

How it works

For every comment on Facebook and Instagram posts or messages, we create a new ticket on Richpanel. Using these tickets you can hide, like/unlike, and respond to those comments directly inside Richpanel. 

Note that agents can only reply to Facebook Messenger tickets within Richpanel if the last message was sent less than 7 days ago. This is because of Facebook’s policy. Read here.


If you are facing issues with receiving messages and comments on Richpanel, please make sure that you have enabled the following on Facebook and Instagram. 

Changes to be made on Facebook/Instagram to grant access to Richpanel:

  • Enabling Instagram direct message access
    • Instagram → Settings → Privacy → Messages → Others on Instagram → Message requests
  • The page is not linked to an Instagram account
    • FB → Page → Settings → Instagram → Connect account
    • Instagram → Settings → Account Centre → Setup Account Centre

  • The Instagram account type is not a business
    • Instagram → Settings → Account → Switch account type → Switch to professional account

Once all these are done, do the following:

  1. Go to Integration > Facebook/Instagram > Select the integration you are facing issues with > Delete 
  2. Reconnect and make sure that you provide all access to Richpanel. 



Use Cases for Instagram where IG DM cannot be used:

  • The account owner has disabled access to Instagram direct messages.
  • The page is not linked to an Instagram account or the Instagram account type is not a business
  • The business has been blocked from sending messages via the IG Messaging API
  • This IG account is not eligible for API yet.


If you are still facing issues with the integration, please write to us at [email protected]

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