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Connect to Aircall


Before you start, make sure that you have created an account with both Richpanel and Aircall, and have admin rights in both platforms.

  • Log in to your Richpanel account, navigate to Integrations and then Browse all Integrations select Aircall.

  • Click on Connect Aircall.
  • It will ask you to Log in to your Aircall account if you are not already logged in. Then, you’ll be taken to the authorization screen where you need to grant access by clicking on Authorize.

  • Then select the number you wish to connect to Richpanel and click Add Number. You can connect more numbers later from your Aircall dashboard.

  • That’s it! Now you can use Aircall in your Richpanel Customer Support Platform.

Managing Incoming Calls using Aircall on Richpanel

  • All incoming calls in Aircall will display a Richpanel Insights Card.

  • The Insights Card shows the customer’s first name, last name, lifetime value, last order date and even more information.You can click on the Insights Card to jump to the customer profile on Richpanel.
  • All incoming calls create a conversation in Richpanel.
  • To answer the incoming call, click on the Green answer button when a pop-up screen is displayed.
  • The agent who answers the call in Aircall is automatically assigned the conversation in Richpanel. So agents have complete context about the customer and can work on the customer while on the call with them.
  • If the agent captures any notes or tags a call on Aircall, they are synced in Richpanel dashboard as well.

Managing Outbound Calls using Aircall on Richpanel

  • To make an outbound call, click on Aircall icon in the user profile.

  • Now you’ll see a popup within your browser asking you to call from which platform. Select Aircall.

  • A popup phone dialer will be triggered within your Richpanel dashboard now. Dial the number you want to call.
  • To make it more handy for the agent, the Aircall dialer shows the timezone of the person you call.
  • Plus, you can Richpanel Insights Card on the Aircall dialer to get even further information of the person.
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