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Email forwarding error on Outlook

If you get an error message on Outlook after setting up email forwarding to Richpanel, here is how you can fix it. 

The error message could read as: 

“Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:”


“Your message wasn’t delivered because the recipient’s email provider rejected it.”

This is due to a security update release by Microsoft on 5th October 2020, that by default disables email forwarding to an external mailbox. 


Follow the below steps to enable forwarding: 


  1. Log in to your Microsoft Office 365 admin panel


  2. Scroll to the ‘Security & Compliance Center’

    – From the options on the left hand menu, click on ‘Threat Management’
    – From the dropdown, click on Policy > Anti-Spam settings
    – Scroll to ‘Outbound spam filter policy

  3. Click on ‘Create new outbound policy’

    – Provide a name for the new policy
    – On the edit screen, click on the ‘Automatic forwarding’ setting option
    – From the dropdown menu, select the ‘On – Forwarding is enabled’ option
    – Save the setting

Your emails will now be successfully forwarded from your Outlook mailbox into the Richpanel inbox. 

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