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Getting your forwarding address

The first step to connect your support email to Richpanel is to get your forwarding address for Richpanel inbox so that you can set up the email forwarding from your host.

Step – 1: Getting your forwarding address

1. Go to the menu Settings and then Email.

2. Click Add an email.

3. Once you click on the Add an Email, you will see a form on the screen as shown below.

Now, select the Brand (if you are using multiple brands) for which you are connecting the email.

From name – The from name that customers will see when they receive emails from you. See the example below.

Email address – Put the support email address which you want to connect.

Click Done.

Once you click done you will get the email forwarding address and the DNS Records on the next screen. You will need these for the following steps:

Step – 2: Set up email forwarding

Once you have received your email forwarding address, the first step will be to set up the email forwarding from your support email to Richpanel mailbox.

Here’s how to set up the email forwarding for different email hosts.

Step – 3: Verifying email domain with DNS records

If your email is hosted with email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Shopify etc and you have completed the email forwarding then you don’t have to worry about this step. However, if your email is self-hosted you will need to verify the domain ownership in order to send emails from your custom domain instead of your default email id ‘support@yourbrand.customerdesk.io’.

Here’s how to verify email domain with DNS records.


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