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Integrating Yotpo

Our Yotpo integration allows you to moderate and reply to product reviews from within Richpanel. You can easily manage the reviews with minimal effort. 

Here is how Richpanel makes it simple for you: 

1.User reviews from Yotpo appear in your Richpanel inbox as an index card with all the relevant information such as the product name, rating, order number, customer details, along with the full text of the review. 

2. With just a single click, agents can either publish or unpublish the review. They can also choose to send the response to the review as a ‘Direct reply’ or a ‘Public reply’. The review & reply are automatically posted on Yotpo once the agent clicks on ‘Publish review and send’.   

3. Once the review card is handled, a context card appears which includes details about the action taken, reply given, agent name, and time of reply. 

You will need to enable ‘helpdesk integration’ from within Yotpo and have the emails sent to your Richpanel helpdesk to get started with this. 

Once the integration is done, you will no longer need to switch to Yotpo to read and respond to your product reviews. You can do all of it from your Richpanel inbox. 


How to enable Help Desk Integration in your Yotpo Account?

Follow these steps to integrate your existing help desk with Yotpo:

  • Click Moderation
  • Click Help Desk
  • Toggle on the Activate Help Desk integration switch
  • Enter the Help Desk email in the Help Desk Email field.This should be the support email connected to Richpanel
  • Click Send Test to send a test email to the address you entered in the Help Desk Email field.
  • Click Save Changes and that’s it.

Yotpo settings screen

396e8019-677d-4f38-a691-b67c7b8d34d0.png (1854×1016)

  1. Activate Help Desk Integration: To turn help desk integration on or off.
  2. Help desk email: **Enter the customer support email that is connected to Richpanel.**
  3. Maximum star rating for escalating reviews: Escalate reviews with this rating or lower.
  4. Auto-escalate reviews containing profanities: Automatically escalate reviews containing profanities to the help desk regardless of star rating.
  5. Auto-escalate questions from customers: Automatically escalate questions from customers.
  6. Auto-escalate replies from past customers: Automatically escalate replies from past customers to questions.
  7. Save changes: Save changes to the configuration.
  8. Send Test: Send a test email to the Help desk email.
  9. Preview: Show the preview in full-screen mode.
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