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Setting up Task Bots

With Richpanel live chat, you can automate a number of repetitive tasks by using live chatbots so you and your support agents can focus on helping customers.

These bots are useful for collecting important information like lead contact info, feedback of chats etc. Here are its benefits and how to access them.

Click on Set up Task bots to access the task bot settings.

Here are the tasks you can use with Task bots:

  1. Route existing customers to support. If this is turned on, the operator will ask people whether or not they are a current customer. You can then create a rule to assign the conversation to a specific user or team.

2. Ask for contact details

If we don’t already have the contact details of the user on the system, the bot will suggest customers to leave their email address or their phone number to get notified whenever you reply.


3. Collect user data

You can set the bot to qualify leads by asking for more information like name, email address or phone no. 

4. Share your typical reply time

You can turn On or Off the reply time message a user sees.

5. Ask for conversation ratings:

To ask the users to rate a conversation, you should turn this on. It will send a rating request to the user when a conversation is closed. The user can rate the conversation on a scale of 1 to 5.



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