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Loop returns

Loop and Richpanel together create a seamless return experience that’s memorable for your shoppers and ensures that customers do not have to find your Loop Returns portal and log in again.
With Richpanel integration, you can provide custom links to your customers which will automatically land the customers on the order page in Loop Returns.

How it works 

Step 1 :- In your Richpanel admin, navigate to App Integrations → Browse All Integrations → Loop Returns.

Step 2 :- Select your Shopify store and enter your Loop return app URL.

          1) Select your Shopify store 

          2) Enter your App URL (You will get the app URL from your loop portal)

          3) Add Integration

Step 3 :- Now with self-service scenarios you can enable customers to return an item with simple steps. Following are the steps for it. 

  1. Navigate to Self-service.
  2. Select the Return/exchange scenarios where you like to include the loop return portal link. Customers will be able to navigate to the order return page with one click without entering the details.   
  3. Click on Links. Enter the link text. For ex – Click here to return an item.
  4. Click on Link action. Select the Loop.
  5. Click done.


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