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Respond to your Postscript subscribers from Richpanel

With this integration, you can respond to your Postscript subscribers from Richpanel instead of using the Responses tab in Postcript.

To enable this integration, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Get your Richpanel forwarding address.

Login to Richpanel. Navigate to Settings -> Email -> Select an Email -> Copy the forwarding address. We’ll need it for a later step.

 Richpanel inbox forwarding address

Step 2: Login to Postscript and navigate to Responses tab

postscript responses tab

Step 3: From here you’ll see the option to forward responses

Forward postscript messages to Richpanel

Step 4: Add the forwarding address from Step 1. It will be of the format [email protected]Postscript add Richpanel forwarding address

Your customer responses will now be sent directly to your Richpanel inbox. When your CS team responds to the ticket, the response will go to the subscriber within their text thread.

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