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Richpanel’s integration with Monday.com

Integration details: When your customers reach out on Richpanel, you can create tasks for internal departments on Monday.com. 

Example Use Cases:

  1. A customer complains about a checkout issue on your website on Richpanel helpdesk. You can create a ticket/task for your tech team on Monday.com
  2. You find out through a customer that the product page on the website has incorrect info and you want to create a task for your marketing team on Monday.com to correct the page.

How it works

Step 1: Add collaborators in Richpanel

Collaborators are internal team members (such as tech team, marketing team, operations team) who do not talk to end consumers directly. Oftentimes your support team is on the helpdesk and needs to loop in collaborators to resolve customer issues. These collaborators need not login into Richpanel helpdesk. Add your marketing, tech team and other people on Richpanel as collaborators.

How: Login to your Richpanel account and Go to Inbox > Select the ticket > Private Note and mention this person’s name preceding with an ‘@’ > Send.

Step 2: When you mention a collaborator, Richpanel will send a notification to them

Notify the collaborators on their Email ID and on their Monday.com dashboard with the ticket and the customer’s information without them ever needing to interact with the customer or logging in to the Richpanel app.


Step 3: Connect this person’s email to Monday and set to auto create tasks/tickets for all incoming mentions from a specific sender. 

Just as Richpanel, Monday.com allows you to automate certain tasks such as what happens on your dashboard when you receive a mail. This can further be conditioned as to who is the sender. Effectively, when Richpanel sends you an email notification, Monday.com directly identifies that notification to create a ticket for you. From your Monday.com inbox, you can reply to this ticket. 

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