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Customer profiles

To view customer profiles, navigate to Customers->Customers and click on a single person.

Clicking on a single person will open their detailed profile. The profile tab will have multiple sections inside it including Stats, Properties, Subscriptions and Identities.

The stats section will show all info including their activities, orders and all the products they engaged with on your eCommerce store – viewed, added to cart, and purchased.

This section will consist of all customer properties collected by Richpanel and computed properties like Customer Lifetime Value, Acquisition – first touch and last touch and engagement.

If you sell auto-ship or subscription products, this tab will show you all subscriptions of the customer including the frequency, total renewal orders and next ship date.

If you connect multiple data sources, Richpanel will try to stitch user accounts that belong to the same customer. The identities tab is where you see the list of all user accounts that make this customer profile.

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