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Integrating with Segment

Segment collects, cleans, and manages your customer data within a reliable infrastructure. The powerful Segment integration enables you to instantly send any customer data from Segment to Richpanel in real-time.

You can pull key customer data from Segment inside customer profiles in Richpanel to enhance customer interactions and workflows. 

Here’s how to integrate Richpanel with Segment.


Before connecting Segment to Richapanel, you’ll need to have a Segment account and the data sources configured and collecting data.

Step 1: Add the Segment Connector in Richpanel

In the Richpanel app, go to the Data Sources > Integrations and click on the Segment connector. 

Select the options to Begin Installation.

After installation, copy API Key and Secret and go to your Segment dashboard to complete the process.

Step 2: Add Richpanel Destination in Segment

Once in Segment, proceed to the Destinations Catalog. Search for Richpanel destination and you should find the Richpanel page.

Click Configure Richpanel within this page, and you’ll be prompted to select a Segment Source you have preconfigured. Choose the source of data you would like to send to Richpanel.

Next, Segment will prompt you to enter the API key & API Secret you copied in Step 1 from Richpanel. Simply paste in the API key and secret, and then toggle the connection to enabled.

Now, your data will now start flowing from Segment into Richpanel!

Note: Most properties are mapped to an appropriate Event attribute in Richpanel. Refer to Segment’s Specs documentation for more details.

Additional Info:
  • It is recommended to pass richpanel_session_id to all events to cluster tracking events into a single “session” on the customer’s timeline.
  • Events like Order or Order Update/Cancelled/Refunded must have order_status property for accurate reporting and services.


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