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Live chat bots

Richpanel provides a feature of automating repetitive tasks by using live chat bots so you and your support agents can focus on important chats and queries.

These bots are useful for collecting important information like lead contact info, feedback of chats etc. Here are its benefits and how to access them.

Set your reply time

By switching on this feature, the bots will provide an expected waiting time to the customers after raising a query by studying the usual reply rate of the agents. To set this feature:

  • Go to chat tab and select operator/bots
  • You will find an option of ‘Set your reply time’

Once switched on the message will be automatically sent to every new conversation started.

Routing existing customers and leads

With the help of bots, you can assign existing customers to a specific agent or a team of your choice. This can help you provide better customer service by routing agents to specialists. This access this follow the steps below:

  • Go to ‘Chat’ tab and select operator/bots
  • Select the ‘Routing existing customer’ option
  • Click on ‘Assign’ agent
  • You will now have an option to assign from the team members added to Richpanel

This is a useful option when the amount of traffic on the website is huge and quite a few customer support agents are available.

Ask for contact details

 A bot can ask for contact details before starting a conversation with an agent which helps reduce repetitive tasks for agents. You can set this by following the steps below:

  • Go to ‘Chat’ tab and select operator/bots
  • Click ‘Ask for details’
  • Set the option you prefer and save

Qualifying leads

To start conversations, if you prefer asking for multiple information to qualify as a lead then Richpanel provides the flexibility to do so:

  • Go to ‘Chat’ tab and select operator/bots
  • Click ‘Qualify leads’
  • Select the properties from the dropdown that you prefer to collect before starting conversations
  • You can view a preview of how the visitors on the website will view it

We recommend to collect minimum information since we have seen a considerable drop when lot of informations are asked.

Ask for conversation rating

Each user, after ending a chat will be asked for a rating of the conversations to know if they were satisfied with the support provided. This helps to know the quality of support being provided to the customers and help improve them accordingly. 

If you would like to set up a feedback, just switch on the ‘Ask for conversation rating’ under operator/bots tab.

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