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Personalizing chat widget

Richpanel offers a lot of customization options to style the live chat widget that compliments your website, schedule availability, collect leads etc. You can find these options in the ‘Chats’ under Service cloud.

Greeting a customer before starting a chat

You can set up a generic greeting message for a client who accesses Richpanel live chat widget before even starting a conversation or assigning an agent.

Capturing visitor data to generate leads

Richpanel gives an option to our clients to either ask their visitors to enter email id before starting conversations or let them directly start the conversation. By capturing their email id, you can get back to your customer via email if they go offline. 

Set business hours

If you do not have round the clock customer support then you can set your business hours on Richpanel platform and post that when a customer raises any queries our intelligent bots will send them automated replies informing by when can they expect a reply back from you.

Style your widget

You can customize the widget by giving it the colour that compliments the website or position it at a place where it doesn’t hamper your website.

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