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Connect your Magento 1 store

If are planning to Use the Richpanel Magento connector to pull customer, invoice, order data and more from your Magento system then follow these simple steps set up and get started within minutes

  • Get the Richpanel extension key from Magento Connect
  • In your Magento administration, go to “System” -> “Magento Connect” -> “Magento Connect Manager”
  • Under Install New Extensions, paste the extension key from step 1
  • Click Install and then Proceed. Wait until the extension is installed
  • Log out from Magento admin and then log in again
  • Go to “System” -> “Configuration” -> “Richpanel Analytics”
  • Enter your API key and API Secret {will be provided once you register} and save the configuration. The API Secret on Richpanel will be available as shown in the pic below.
  • After enabling the plugin you should navigate to “System” -> “Cache Management”, in the “Cache Storage Management” table select all checkboxes and apply “Refresh” action
  • Click Import orders to sync your historical data to Richpanel

Once completed, all your data will start fetching in the Richpanel platform and you will be able to view all your customers and products data from Magento. 

The next step is to add channels to set up live chat and emails. Click here to get started with Adding channels

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