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Connecting with Shopify store

Connect your Shopify store

Setting up your Shopify account with Richpanel takes just a few minutes.

You can connect your Shopify store:

  1. By installing the Richpanel Customer Support app from the Shopify app store.

If you have not yet registered with Richpanel, go to the Richpanel Customer Support app and install it in your store to connect.

  1. By registering with Richpanel and then connecting your Shopify store.

You can also add the Shopify connector after creating an account on Richpanel. To do so: 

i) On your dashboard, go to the menu Settings then All integrations under Integrations and select Shopify

  1. Add your Shopify store URL and select the Brand. (Note: if you are running multiple brands you can create the brands in your Richpanel account to connect respective stores.)

3. Click Connect with Shopify and it will install the Richpanel Shopify app in your store. 

Once Richpanel is connected with your Shopify store, you can start using your customer’s store data in responses. You can also perform the order actions inside the helpdesk.

How to use the ecommerce data in responses.

How to perform order actions from the helpdesk.



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