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Connect your Woocommerce store

If you are using Woocommerce then follow these steps to get started in no time.

  1. Once you have signed up in Richpanel, select WooCommerce as your store platform. On your dashboard, go to the menu Settings then Marketplace under Integrations to select WooCommerce.

  1. Add your WooCommerce store URL and select the Brand for which you are connecting the store.
  2. You will get API Key and Secret for your store as shown below. You will need these API Key and Secret to activate the Richpanel plugin in your W

  1. Go to your WordPress administration. Go to Plugins, then click Add New. Type Richpanel in the search box. Install the Richpanel plugin and click Activate.

  1. Open Richpanel plugin from the dashboard. Put the API Key and API Secret here and click Save Keys

6. Once you have saved the Keys, it will give you the options to sync orders and subscriptions (if you are selling subscriptions). Click Sync Orders to send the order details in Richpanel dashboard and click Sync Subscriptions to send the subscription details. 

7. Once the sync is done, go to Richpanel dashboard. Go to the menu People and then Customers to see all your customers and their order details. 

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