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Adding Users & Teams

In Richpanel, you can add unlimited users and teams for different roles.

How to add a user:

  1. Go to Settings and then the Users menu.

2. Click on Add A User

3. Put the email id of the user you wish to add. If the user hasn’t already signed up, an invitation email will be sent to this email.

Choose the team (eg. sales, support, accounts) in which you wish to add the user.

Select the Role of the users. You can select from these predefined roles:

Admin: All access.

Supervisor: Access to Helpdesk, Team Reports, Revenue Analytics, Settings.

Agent: Access to Helpdesk, Team Reports.

Agent (Limited): Can only access conversations assigned to them or their team(s).

Collaborator: Can only leave private notes on conversations assigned to them or their team(s).

Click Add User to send an invitation email to the user.

How to add teams:

  1. Go to Settings and then Teams.


2. There’s a team named General in your account by default. You can create unlimited teams according to your need. To add a team, click on Add A Team.

Then put the name of the team to add.

3. Once you have created a team, you will have the option to add members to the team. Click Add Member.

Search or select a user to add. If the User is not added in Richpanel yet, click +Add Member to add a new user.

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