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Connecting support email

Email is Richpanel’s primary support channel. 

Once you have set up your Richpanel account, you get a default email address: ‘support@yourcompany.customerdesk.io’. You can start sending emails from Richpanel with this email without any setup.

However, we strongly recommend that you add your company’s support email accounts to Richpanel so that you can receive and respond to the support emails from the Richpanel inbox itself.

Here’s how to connect emails with Richpanel:

  1. Go to the menu Customer Channels and then Email

2. Click Add an email.

Now, If you are using Gmail (Gsuite) for your company email:

When your business email is hosted on Gmail, it’s super easy to connect.

Click on Gmail as shown below and just follow the instructions which will appear on your screen to connect the email id.

If you are email is hosted by your domain provider:

If your support email is hosted by your domain provider, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Another custom email address”. 

      2. In the form shown below

Select the Brand (if you are using multiple brands)

From name – The from name that customers will see when they receive emails from you. See the example below.

Email address – Put the support email address which you want to connect.

Click Done.

  1. You will get a TXT record which you need to add in the DNS settings of your email provider (Namecheap, Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost, Siteground or any other service you are using). 

  1. Go to your email provider and add the TXT record in the DNS setting. The process varies from provider to provider. You should find the documentation on the provider’s site or take help of their customer support.

Once this set-up is done, any email you receive in your support email inbox will also be reaching your Richpanel inbox. You can now respond to those emails from Richpanel.

Activate DKIM

When you send from your support email in Richpanel, you are using Richpanel server, not your usual email server. Thus the receiver server may have doubt at it’s authenticity and may mark it as spam.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows you to associate your domain name with an email message, thus vouching for its authenticity.

How to use DKIM:

  1. Click on the checkbox as shown below.
  2. Three  CNAME records will be generated.

       3. You need to add these records in your email providers DNS settings.

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