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Forwarding email from Gmail

Once have you add your support email in Richpanel, you will get a forwarding email address in the screen shown below.

Now, follow the steps below to set up the forwarding from your Gmail to the Richpanel inbox.

1. Go to your Gmail account which you are connecting to Richpanel. Go to Settings:

2. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and click the button to Add a forwarding address.


3. Copy the forwarding address from Richpanel and paste it in the forwarding email address field and click Next.

4. It will send a confirmation email to your Richpanel Inbox. Go to your Richpanel inbox and open the email. It should have a verification link and a code. Click the link to confirm the forwarding.

If the verification link doesn’t work for some reason, use the verification code to complete the forwarding.

After you’ve confirmed the forwarding, you are good to go. You have successfully connected your Gmail account with Richpanel.

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