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Setting up Live Chat

Provide real-time support to your store visitors using the intelligent live chat built for an ecommerce. 

To enable the messenger on your applications, you need to connect your ecommerce store to Richpanel.

How to enable or disable the live chat:

  1. Go to the menu Customer Channels and then Messanger

  1. Turn on the Live Chat.

How to set-up the live chat widget:

  1. Greet your visitors. 

Say Hi to your customer. Personalize the message by using customer properties like First name, Last name etc.

    2. Set your availability

Set your office hours. Your out of office settings will work according to this.

Set reply time. During the office hours, let your customers know when they can expect a reply.

You can turn this On or Off from the reply time settings in Task bots

  3. Require an email for new conversations

You can ask for an email so you can always get back to anonymous customers.

  4. Pre-chat survey

You can create a form for the visitors to collect the basic details bfore starting a chat. 

5. Style your messanger

Style your messanger to match your store’s look and feel.  Set which of your agent’s image to display on the widget. You can show all the users or the users of a specific team.

6. Visibility settings 

Control who on your store can see the messanger. It can be either All User (customers) or All visitors or both.

In advanced settings, you can specify the page/pages only where the chat widget will be visible. 

7. Custom launcher

You can also set up the Messanger and Help Center to launch only when a user clicks a certain button or link on the website.

Read how to set up the Task Bots for your live chat.

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