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Admin area

For support managers, team leads, and other power users, the admin area is where you’ll configure most of Richpanel’s features. That includes settings for your support channels, options for customizing the conversation experience, and features for integrating and automating important aspects of your workflow.

In this article, we’ll give you a high-level introduction to the admin area of Richpanel. We’ll also highlight some of the features you may want to try out next, with links off to other areas of the user guide.

Exploring Richpanel’s admin features

When you sign in to Richpanel with an administrator account, you’ll see a gear icon on the right hand side of the main menu.

Clicking on the gear icon will take to the admin area’s landing page. What you see on this page – and in the sidebar menu – will depend on which pricing plan your company is subscribed to. In this article, we’ll cover all the possible configuration options you’d see if you’ve subscribed at our top tier plan.

Both the landing page and the admin sidebar are grouped into functional areas. Let’s take a quick look at each section:

Channels– Add and edit the email and social media channels you use to communicate with your customers. You can manage your support team’s email addresses, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages from here.

Conversation fields– Organize your support tickets with custom fields. Set values for conversation status and tags.

Customizations/Messenger – Configure your customers’ live chat experience with Richpanel Messenger. Set reply times and customize look and feel of the messenger.

Team Settings – Add your support agents to Richpanel by creating user accounts from the ‘Agent Directory’, and then organize them into functional teams. You can also define your team’s business hours, and configure specific user roles and permissions.

Automation – Build powerful, time-saving automations. For example, macros enable your team to save and reuse common replies and updates. You can track your response times with SLAs and also automate important aspects of your support workflow with triggers and monitors.

Account – This section of the menu is home to all your Richpanel account settings. You’ll be able to set a custom domain. View and check your account details, edit your billing information, or change your subscription plan.

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