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Enabling Live Chat Messenger

No matter where your customers are – you can provide them real time support using the Richpanel live chat messenger.

Pre-requisite: To enable the messenger on your applications, you need to connect your applications to Richpanel. Head over to Data->Connector Marketplace to connect your applications with Richpanel.

Once you have set up the connector, the messenger code will be automatically deployed for you. All you need to do is enable it inside Settings->Customization->Messenger

Configuring the messenger

  • Navigate to messenger listing screen Settings->Customization->Messenger
  • Here you see a list of all connectors that support messenger.
  • Note: To add a connector, navigate to Data->Connector Marketplace

  • Click on a messenger you wish to configure
  • Here you can set custom greeting, colors, backrgounds and response times for the live chat messenger
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