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Customer profile and timeline

The USP that Richpanel offers to our clients is the Customer profile and timeline in a single view without leaving a conversation. This is a feature that sets us apart from other Customer Service Platform. By installing the Richpanel plugin on your ecommerce store, Richpanel is able to store and fetch all your customer data on its platform helping you provide best in class customer service. This gives your support agents a full history of the customer like the number of orders placed, amount of time the website visited, total revenue generated and other useful data and provide better assistance to the customer leading to better customer satisfaction. To get a customer timeline:

  • Click on ‘Conversations’ from service cloud
  • Select a customer query to resolve
  • On the right hand side of the screen you will find the ‘Customer profile’ with all the details of the Customer.
  • To view the customer timeline click on the ‘Customer Timeline’ button.

This will help you get the entire customer details like how many times have they visited the website, total billings, private notes for previous conversations, order history etc.

Alternatively, you can also access the customer timeline from ‘Customers’ tab as well. To know more about this click here.

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