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Power Reply and Sequences

Sequences can be used to create power replies as well as start sequences after a reply is posted. 

Many times, support agents keep answering repetitive customer queries e:g ‘Where is my order?’ or ‘How can I track my order?’ and lose valuable time which can be used to resolve more queries or handle other tasks. Power Reply helps answer these questions in seconds without much effort from the support agent. They are ready responses helping to fasten response time and increase agent efficiency. Power Reply also helps in preparing canned responses for generic responses to customers like ‘Hi, how can I help you today’ or ‘Please give us a few minutes to look into the issue’. 


  • Creating and using Sequences
  • Editing and deleting Sequences


Creating and using Sequences

  • Click on a customer conversation
  • In the reply box, select ‘Sequences’ icon or enter “#” as shown below:

  • Select ‘Add’ option

  • Name the Sequences e: g Greet customer.
  • Select the Visibility to “All Brands” or to a certain brand. And, select if it’s visible for “Everyone” or to a specific team.
  • Type you canned reply in the Reply box.
  • You can add Insta Actions “/” or User Properties “%”.

  • You can add a new step as a New message or New private note.
  • If you wish to send a note or a private note after the created response in case the customer does not reply after some time, use “Add New Step”

You can add Steps in the sequence and can provide actions in the sequence. For example, you can add another step(‘s) with a time stamp to send another reply to the customer or leave a private note.

Conversation will enter a snooze state till all the steps are completed or till customer replies.

Choose to either Open, Close or Snooze the ticket at the end of the sequence.

Click ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Insert’.

Editing and deleting Sequences

You can edit, delete or create Sequences by clicking on Manage option in your sequences option.

To edit a sequence:

  • Select the Sequence icon
  • Click on ‘Manage’ button
  • Select the Sequence you would like to edit and click on the Arrow.
  • Start editing the text

To delete a sequence, you will find a ‘Delete’ option in the sequence.

You can also duplicate a sequence by clicking on the option to duplicate.

Add Power reply with Insta Action 

You can use sequences as power replies or canned responses with Insta Actions to quickly answer queries or collect user info.

Click or type “/” and go to power replies to add one.

Learn more about Insta Action.

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