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Using Power Replies

With Power replies, you can create and save templates which you can use to respond to customer queries quickly. You can also include all the actions like assignment, tagging etc. in the template to quickly process the support request.

Once you use a Power reply, it will send the saved response and will also perform the actions added in the template.

Here’s how to use Power replies.

  1. Click on the # icon or just type # to open the power reply window. Here you will see all your saved Power Replies.

2. There are some default templates which you can manage by clicking on the Manage Power Replies button.

3. You will see all the saved Power Replies as shown below. 

4. Click on a template to edit according to your need. You can insert Insta Actions and User Properties from the [ / ] and icon respectively. 


5. You can also create a new Power Reply by clicking the Create Power Reply button.

You can write the reply and insert Insta Actions and User Properties from the [ / ] and icon respectively as shown below.

Click Save to save the template for future usage.

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