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Create/Customize views

Richpanel provides folders filtered to meet the requirements of customer service agents.

Default Views

These are the standard views created for you and your team. Note that these views cannot be edited or deleted.

  1. Open tickets → Contain all open tickets that require any action from you or your teammates.
  2. Snoozed → Set a reminder to follow up with conversations that are on hold by snoozing them.
  3. Closed → moved to the close folder after tickets are resolved by you or your teammates.
  4. Assigned to me → tickets that are assigned to you and required action from your side.
  5. Mentions → ticket where you or your team are mentioned using private notes.
  6. Awaiting reply → tickets that have new messages from customers and waiting for a response from your side.

Apart from this we also create views for agents and teams the agents are a part of, along with a view for trashed conversations. 

Default views

Build custom filtered views of your conversation 

Richpanel gives you the option to create a view and define the set of filters, and show all conversations that match those filters in real-time. It’s easy to switch between them and keep an eye on urgent issues, or conversations you consider most important.

How to create an Inbox view 

  1. Click on the All menu to open inbox views.
  2. From Inbox views, click on + Create View.Create a view in RP
  3.  You can apply the filter option as per your preference to create a view.

For example, let’s create a view to check all Facebook post comments and messages.

  • Select Channel → FB Comment, FB Message.
  • Click on Proceed.
  • Give your view a title, and choose an emoji icon. 

FB views in RP

4. Share the view with all agents or selected agents. The view can be made private too. In this example here, the Facebook view will be visible to all the other agents.

If you want to keep sharing it with specific users/teams or only keep it to yourself, you can edit its sharing preferences.

Edit Views

  1. Open the inbox view. 
  2. Click on See more. 
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Select the view you want to update. For example, our Facebook view. 
  5. Hover to Facebook view. Click on the pencil option to edit the settings of the view.
  6. Let’s convert our Facebook view from Everyone(Public) to Only me(private).
  7. As edit view settings are visible click on the proceed button. 
  8. Within who all can see this? →  Select option only me.
  9. Save the view.

Delete Views

  1. From the Inbox view.
  2. Click on the Edit button.Edit view
  3. Hover towards the view that you like to delete. 
  4. Click on the pencil option to open the edit view option.  pencil icon to edit
  5. Click on the Trash icon to delete the view.
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