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Assigning a conversation

There are two ways you can assign a conversation to a team or a team member.

i) Manual assignment.

ii) Rule-based assignment

Manual assignment

To manually assign a conversation, follow these steps:

1. Open the customer conversation that you would like to assign.

2. On top of the chat, you will find the names of the agents and teams in a dropdown box.

3. Click on the dropdown option and select the team or users member that you find most appropriate to deal with the customer.

Assign conversation to team or team-mate

Assign conversation to teammates 

Once you select, the team member will be notified straight away if they are active online on the Richpanel platform. The assigned user will see the conversation in his Richpanel inbox.

Assign conversation to yourself

If you want to assign a ticket to yourself if the ticket is unassigned or assigned to someone else. Click on the top of chat, type Me, or select yourself from the dropdown to assign the ticket to yourself.

Automation Rule-based assignment

You can also create rules to automatically assign conversations based on conditions.

  1. Navigate to the Settings → Automation Rules. 
  2. Click → New Rule.
  3. Add event → When a customer starts a new conversation.
  4. Add condition → Channel (Email, Message, FB)
  5. Add action → Assign to team/teammates.

Automation rule based conversation assignment

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