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How to sort & filter conversations

Sorting messages in the inbox

You can Sort the conversations in your inbox.

In your inbox, click on the sort option as shown below.

Sort conversations

Now you can sort the messages to have

Newest on the top.

Waiting Longest on the top.

High priority on the top. (Read how to set Priority to conversations)

Oldest on the top.

Last Updated Latest action/activity updated conversation on the top. For example, if you add private notes or tags in any conversations with the last updated filter all that conversation will be shown on the top.

Filtering messages in the inbox

You have all your support messages coming from multiple channels into one shared inbox. You may need to filter the messages to manage them effectively.

Here’s how to filter messages:

1. Click on the filter icon as shown below.

Filter conversation

2. Now you can filter the messages by:

  • Channel (Email/Chat/Whatsapp)
  • Brands (Filter the messages by brands. You can have multiple brands in one Richpanel account – Read Brand settings)  
  • Agent – Filter conversations by agent name or team. 
  • Tags – Filter the messages by tags. 
  • Priority – Filter conversation by High & Low priority. 
  • Emails – Select the connected email address to see the emails came into that specific inbox )
  • User type (Visitors/Customers)
  • Created Date – Filter by conversation created date.
  • Closed Date – Filter by conversation closed date.
  • Last reply – Filter by the Last reply from customer or agents.
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