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Know your Inbox

Richpanel helps you provide fast and personalized support across all your channels. Connect to all of your support channels and easily navigate across all the messages and customer data in the Richpanel inbox.

Manage all channels from one place

Richpanel connects Email, Live Chat, WhatsApp and Facebook into a common SIngle Inbox. Richpanel stitches the conversations across various channels with specific customer identity and profile. You can readily access the full conversation history in one place. 


Organize conversations with views

Enjoy a clutter-free inbox with Richpanel.  After you resolve a conversation, you can ‘Close’ it, with the ability to reopen if needed. You can also use private notes and tags to better organize your messages. You can always find any of your messages when needed.


Prioritize messages

Richpanel organizes your messages for action. Customers awaiting your response are clearly marked with  ‘Your turn’. It also arranges the messages in a queue with the newest message on the top and shows the waiting times beside the messages, so that you know which one to respond first.


You can also mark a message as a high priority. Further, you can sort the messages to organize them to best address your own priority needs.


Complete customer profile and timeline 

Richpanel offers pre-built integrations to your website/ecommerce platform. Access more of your relevant data with available  Integrations to Segment and tools like HubSpot. Pull in all the relevant data points to create a complete and rich customer profile. Make better tactical and strategic decisions, based on data such as customer browsing history, order history, CLV, AOV. And of course, the complete message history, neatly organized and accessible from one UI. 


With all the data at your fingertips, you can easily provide data-rich personalized 1:1 customer support.

Resolve issues faster 

You would expect keyboard shortcuts and templated replies.  Richpanel gives you much more, with Power Reply and Insta Actions. 


Power Reply:  Power reply is much more than a traditional templated response tool. 

  • You can create power replies with message templates and a sequence of tasks stitched together. 
  • Personalize your response with 1:1 details. Insert customer properties such as name and ecommerce data fields such as order numbers in your response; all with just a tap of the % key. No more manual scavenging for the important data while writing a response.
  • You can send the response and perform the whole set of tasks with just a tap of the # key and then selecting the saved reply. Learn how to use the Power Reply
Insta actions: Complete the task at hand immediately and get away from the mindset of After Call Work. Insta action makes it super easy to assign, close, tag or set the priority of a conversation with a keyboard shortcut. Use the key ‘ / ’ to perform Insta actions for the messages.

Collaborate with the team

In Richpanel you can create unlimited users and teams. You get all the tools to make your teamwork more efficient. Assign a conversation to a user/team or just use the Mention to bring a team member in the loop. It’s really easy. 

What’s next?

Now that you have an overview of the Richpanel inbox, it’s time to learn more about:

  1. Managing your inbox

  2. Managing conversations

  3. Using ecommerce data in conversation

  4. Performing order actions




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