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Difference between Conversation Vs Person attribute

Person attribute:

1. A person can have multiple conversations.
2. This attribute is common for all the conversations of a customer.
3. This is associated with the profile.
4. People attribute is always constant since it’s associated with the profile Ex. Name, age or height.

Conversation attribute:

1. A conversation attribute value is unique to each of the conversations of a customer/person.
2. Conversation attribute is associated with that specific conversation.
3. You can change the conversation and it will be gone. Ex. Conversation Property can be “reason for return” and “new shipping address”.

Different types of user inputs.

People attribute

* Email
* First Name
* Last Name
* Upload the photo/picture

Conversation attribute:

* Reason of cancellation
* New delivery date
* Reason of return
* Describe an Issue
* Upload a customer photo
* Enter products and quantities. 

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