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Order Scenarios VS General Scenarios

Order Scenarios:

The Order scenarios section allows you to control which steps must be taken after the client submits a new order. This allows you to add and remove custom scenarios. Scenarios can be assigned to order pages. Let customers track orders and request help. Visible For logged in customers.

1. Issues with the order
2. Where is my order?
3. I want to change the delivery date
4. I want to change the shipping address
5. I want to cancel my order etc.

General scenarios:

Richpanel allows you to create FAQs for different support scenarios. These are visible to both the visitors and the customers. This involves all the general scenarios of the customers. Here are some of the scenarios listed below.

1. I’m looking for perfume recommendations
2. Which Product is right for me?
3.Are there some countries you don’t ship to?
4. Payment Methods
5. Website Issues
6. Returns & Cancellation and many more. 

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