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Self Service Portal & its benefits

Self Service Software.

Customer service can be a lot easier if we were not drowning in support tickets. Business growth is always welcome.  But, as your business grows, your tickets grow proportionally, you will be unable to scale profitably and meet customer expectations. What if you could eliminate the repetitive tickets? What if you could help customers get immediate resolutions to common queries? How can your service organization give the customers what they need and grow profitably?

Our analysis shows that 60 to 80% of tickets in an eCommerce business are repetitive. They include where my order is, I want to return items, exchange, cancellation, edit order, edit address, etc. Here is what we got for you from our self-service portal. It’s an efficient way to boost relationships and outreach. With Richpanel self-service you can automate these queries leaving your agents to work on queries that really require attention and engage with customers to boost sales and retention.

Self Service benefits :

* Immediately resolve 40 to 60% of issues without reaching agents. Better customer experience and lower customer support costs.
* Help center that is dynamic and personalized to each customer, based on their data and preferences
* Measure and improve self-service effectiveness. See what’s working and what’s not.
* Relieve agent workload on routine queries and help focus on complex cases and sales opportunities.
* Let customers log requests and not have to wait. You can better resolve, with all needed data provided by customer

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