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Getting started

Richpanel makes your support team super efficient by automating repetitive tasks, such as tagging tickets, assigning a conversation or responding to common queries. 

Here’s all you can do with the automation rules:

You can create rules to automatically perform the following tasks based on various conditions you set:

  1. Assigning conversations to a team/user.
  2. Adding tags to the conversations
  3. Setting conversation priorities.
  4. Closing and trashing resolved queries.
  5. Sending automated replies to common customer queries.
  6. Adding private notes to the conversations. 

To create a new automation rule, go to the Settings menu and then Rules under Automation.

Then click on ADD A RULE to create a new rule.

Now, there are two steps to set up an automation rule. 

Step-1:  Setting up the conditions. 

Step-2:  Defining the actions. 

When the conditions are fulfilled, the system performs the actions as defined. 

Here’s how to :

Set the conditions.

Assign tasks –  Tagging, Assigning, Prioritizing, Trashing & Closing Conversations.

Send automated responses.


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